Opinio Juris 2.0 LedX Judicial Opinion Writing Competition 2023

Last Date of Registration: 20th March 2023


About the Competition

Opinio Juris 2.0 organised by LedX brings an exciting & innovative opportunity for law students to step into the shoes of a judge and deliver a well-articulated opinion on a landmark judgement. Plurality of Opinions is the necessity of a democracy; a strong democracy will always have strong voices of dissent and concurrence.
The ones who voice their thoughts and opinions thoroughly will find a strong and rational way to be heard by the world. Judicial opinions are crucial in shaping and interpreting the law and promoting fairness, consistency, and transparency in the legal system.
In this competition, the participants will be expected to write dissenting or concurring opinions to an existing landmark judgement. The participants will be expected to write a thorough and diligent appreciation of the factual matrix, precedents, obiter & ratio decidendi of the judgement and provide a dissenting opinion.

Registration Details

Important Dates

Case List




Rs 3100 + Certificate of Merit + Free Course

1st Runners Up

Rs 2100 + Certificate of Merit + Free Course

Guidelines for Submission

Marking Criteria

Adherence to Rule 15
Formatting 10
Arrangement Of Facts and Issues Addressed 10
Statement of Rival Contentions and Issues Addressed 15
Knowledge of Legal Principles, Citing of Relevant case, Statutes and Opinion 20
Analytical Reasoning 15
Language, Style of Presentation and Originality 15

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