LedX National Moot Court Competition


About The Competition

Competing, Gaming & Gambling these intertwined concepts can be found as essential part of history and mythology of the country. Even today, the gaming industry is one of the major powerhouses of entertainment and social interaction in the country.

However, just as long as the concept of gaming has existed, as has the concept of gambling, even in the great epic Mahabharata, the central plot revolves around gambling. With the advent of technology, this industry has witnessed a drastic shift over the past years due to the advent in technology and expansion of globalised world. Today, we have expanse of several online games like fantasy sports, gambling etc. At present, there is no defining law in the country governing these entities. The legality of these entities has been questioned in front of various courts every now and then and different courts have provided different interpretations. This moot court competition is aimed at providing a deeper understanding and clarity towards the legal standpoint and prospects in the future of Gaming Law in India.


Opening Date of Registration 21st February, 2022
Last Date of Registration 11:59 PM (IST), 8th April,2022
Last Date for Seeking Clarifications 11:59 PM (IST) 9th April, 2022
Release of Clarifications 10th April 2022
Last Date for Memorial Submission 11th April,2022
Opening Ceremony Orientation of Participants Draw of Lots Researcher’s Test Memorial Exchange for Preliminary Rounds 14th April, 2022
Preliminary Rounds & Octa Final 15th April, 2022
Quarter Final Rounds & Semi Final Rounds 16th April, 2022
Final Round Valedictory Ceremony 17th April, 2022

Team Composition


General Guidelines

Winning Team

Cash Prize of Rs.11,100/-

Runner-Up Team

Cash Prize of Rs.7,100/-

Best Memorial

Cash Prize of Rs.5,100/-

Best Speaker

Cash Prize of Rs.3,100/-

Best Researcher

Cash Prize of Rs.5,100/-

LedX Innovation Award

Cash Prize of Rs.5,100/-

Knowledge Partner Association

Knowledge Partner Association