ledx National Article Writing Competition


About The Competition

Indeed, words and expressions have the power to change realities and destinies altogether. The memory of humankind is retained in scrolls and engravings, allowing us to learn from the past and move into the future. That is the impact of writing.

Writing is one of the most pivotal skill that a lawyer can have, a well written argument, a polished draft can sometime make all the difference in a win and a loss. LedX brings you the opportunity to hone and display that skill and have a brilliant and awarding experience with us, while writing on topics that matter, allowing your mind to build ideas and your mighty pen (or in this case, keyboard) to make an impact.

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The above topics are only suggestive in nature, and you are free and encouraged to explore your ideas within the theme for the Competition.


Result Will be declared in:


Ledx Innovation Award

LedX core brand principle is innovation, in pursuance of which we extend a special prize for Innovative approaches in all our competitions. In the 1st LedX Article Writing Competition – We introduce category of Most Innovative Writer Award – the entry that carries a self-written quote by the author based on their Article, the quote must be striking, innovative and that speaks to the reader will be rewarded with this special award.

Marking Criteria

1. Submission

Submission Guideline

2. Formatting
3. All submissions will be subjected to plagiarism software and plagiarism more than 12% will result in immediate disqualification of entry, participants are strictly discouraged from paraphrasing tools as well.