Opinio Juris 1 0 ledx Judicial Opinion Writing Competition

DATE : 15th June, 2022


About Us

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The main advantage of this contest is to cultivate the art of writing opinions on judgments. The students are given the opportunity to build their judicious minds.

About the Competition

OPINIO JURIS 1.0 organized by LedX bring an exciting & innovative opportunity for law students to step into the shoes of a judge and deliver a well-articulated opinion on a landmark judgement. Dissent is the necessity of a democracy; a strong democracy will always have strong voices of dissent.

Those who stand out from the crowd and can find their own mind & thoughts will always be the voices who change the world.

In this competition, the participants will be expected to write dissenting opinion to an existing landmark judgment. The participants will be expected to write a thorough and diligent appreciation of the factual matrix, precedents, obiter & ration decidendi of the judgment and provide a dissenting opinion. The competition encourages innovative opinions that have meticulously examined and applied relevant legal concepts.


Disha Agarwal (Single Authorship)

Rs. 3,100/- + Certification + LedX Subscription Benefits.

Mahak Mishra (Single Authorship)

Rs. 2,100/- + Certification + LedX Subscription Benefits

Harsh Raj Singh & Anamika Singh ( Co-Authorship)

Rs. 1,100/- + Certification + LedX Subscription Benefits.

Voice of Dissent Award Gaurav Ahuja (Single Authorship

Rs. 2,100/- + Certification + LedX Subscription Benefits.


Case List



“The students are mandated to do research, read existing judgment and articulate an opinion which is a dissent opinion for an existing landmark judgment.”

The greatest strength of this contest is to engage the students with multi-tasking of both creative lawyering and innovative judging

Marking Criteria

Adherence to Rule 15
Formatting 10
Arrangement Of Facts and Issues Addressed 10
Statement of Rival Contentions and Issues Addressed 15
Knowledge of Legal Principles, Citing of Relevant case, Statutes and Opinion 20
Analytical Reasoning 15
Language, Style of Presentation and Originality 15

Submission Guideline

Submission Deadline

Before 18th June, 2022
For every hour of delay in submission from the prescribed time of submission, one mark shall be deducted.